Daily Diary

Astronauts will be expected to complete a daily video-blog which will be uploaded to our Space Camp Ireland Captain’s Log.

Physical Training

Astronauts will be expected to complete daily activities to Train like an Astronaut.

  • Agility Astro-Course: improve your agility, coordination and speed.
  • Base Station Walk-Back:  improve your lung, heart and other muscle endurance whilst walking a progressive, measured distance.
  • Build an Astronaut Core:  improve the strength in your abdominal and back muscles – commander crunch and pilot plank exercises.
  • Crew Assembly Training:  improve dexterity and coordination.
  • Crew Strength Training:  develop upper and lower body strength.
  • Do a Spacewalk:  improve upper and lower body coordination by performing the bear crawl and crab walk.
  • Jump for the Moon:  improve endurance by performing jump training with a rope.

and many more!!….