DAY ONE:  Colony Arrival on Mars

Astronauts land on Mars to set up new Colony:

  • Supplies:  Locate geo-cached supply crates using GPS.
  • Energy: Wind and solar power energy workshop. Source Water supply.
  • Cell Explorers:  Soil sampling and testing for productivity.

Robotic Arm damaged during landing:

  • Soldering:  Repair of damaged robotic arm.

Communication with Control:

Mars Research Centre, Arizona:  Dr Niamh Shaw gives webex advice on survival on Mars – direct from future habitat crew.

DAY TWO:  Food & Propulsion

How and what will astronauts eat?

  • Aquaponics: Growing plants without soil
  • BBQ Insects: Where will the protein in astronauts’ diet come from?

Movement and getting around:

  • Rocketry: Assembly and launch of individual rockets with Irish Rocketry
  • Weightlessness:  Test the effect of weightlessness and walking on uncertain surface matter to transfer materials and supplies from one base camp to another.

DAY THREE:  Habitat & Transport

How will Astronauts build a Base Camp?

  • 3-D Printing:  Dr Aidan Cowley gives webex advice on Hive Colonies.

How will Astronauts cover distance and collect samples on Mars?

  • Lunar Dune Buggy:  Scavenger hunt to find parts and assemble a Space Camp Ireland’s own Lunar Dune Buggy.

DAY FOUR:  Experiments, Exploration, Shelter and Astronomy

What experiments can be transported from Earth to Mars and what data needs to be collected?

  • NanoRacks:  Dr Nora Patten will lead a brainstorming session on what information would Earth need from Mars and how such a project would be carried out.
  • Origami:  Not just an art form – origami  influences design and harnesses creativity and art in inventing and science, technology problem solving.

Sheltering from the elements

  • Survival:  Astronauts head into the wilderness and forage for materials to build a shelter and survive in the elements.
  • Astronomy: Midlands Astronomers visit Survival Camp to research the night sky well into the night.

DAY FIVE:  Breakfast, Base Camp and Virtual Reality

Did astronauts and shelters survive the elements?

  • Breakfast:  Astronauts will breakfast and strike camp, heading back to Base Camp.
  • Expedition Review:  At Base Camp remaining tasks completed and review of week long training.
  • VR Experience of Apollo II:  TBC.